Autopilot for sharing subscriptions & bills

Manage subscriptions and bills with others. Track charges together and get paid back automatically. No awkward reminders.

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Wellpaid subscription and bill overview

Simply Organized

Identify all your subscriptions and bills in seconds. Then keep it organized by tracking charges, splitting bills, and sharing passwords all-in-one.


Select from Your Bills

Split any charge in connected bank or card accounts. Just select from your bills and tag a friend.

Get Paid Back for Free

Any time you are charged, your friends automatically transfer their share to your bank for free.

Split Bills in Seconds

Find a charge, add a friend, and hit send. Even split multiple charges with a group.

Simple split a bill

Share Services

Simplify how your household shares services. Keep login and bills in one place.

Subscription manager

Why We're Here

We've seen countless stories of missed payments, tricky reminders, and confrontational discussions over house bills. Save yourself by getting WellPaid.

  • Alex - Roommate Bill Issue
    Alex B

    I live with 2 others and my one roommate just refuses to trust our basic math when settling bills.

  • Sam - Roommates Passive-Aggressive
    Sam L

    My roommates are seriously not responding to my messages because they owe me money.

  • Tyler - Roommates Situation
    Tyler J

    We get along, but one roommate pays late every month and I'm kinda done with it. Why should I have to front his money?

  • Kameshia - Roommate Spreadsheet Bill Tracking
    Kameshia B

    We have a spreadsheet to track bills, but getting everyone to sit down and enter bills is impossible. I end up having to track people down to pay.