Setup in 3 Steps

  • Add Accounts
    1. Add Accounts
    Securely connect card or bank accounts to track recurring charges.
  • Share Bills
    2. Share Bills
    Add friends to recurring bills and request to be automatically paid back.
  • Plan Ahead
    3. Plan Ahead
    Plan for your share of expenses and track spend by category.

Track and Plan Subscriptions

See all your subscriptions and recurring bills in one place to effortlessly plan ahead or share with others.

Share How You Want

WellPaid gives you the flexibility to manage your money and share it easily with others.

  • Split one time bill
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  • Quick send transfers
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  • Group unsettled bills
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  • Quick Split

    Split a one-time charge, like dinner, in seconds. No typing or looking up the bill.

  • Quick Send

    Send or request simple one-time bank transfers with others.

  • Group Bill Splits

    Create a group and everyone can add charges. When ready, the team can settle up together.

  • Transfer Routines

    Schedule a recurring transfer between your accounts for auto-savings or with others.

  • Free and Fair Pricing

    We proudly offer Starter services for free, but we appreciate any help covering our processing and data costs (especially for advanced Pro features).

    • Starter

      Find and track subscriptions. Simple transfers or moving money between accounts.
      • Recurring Bill Manager
        Identify subscriptions and bills in connected accounts to track monthly charges.
      • Password Manager
        Store all your passwords, renewal reminders, and details together with your bill charges.
      • Transfers with Others
        Send bank transfers to others. Quick Split a one-time charge or even send on a routine.
      • Self-Send Transfers
        Transfer between your accounts one-time or on a routine. Automate savings and round ups.
      • Group Bill Splits
        Add multiple bills to a group ledger and split the total. Great for trips or multiple purchases.
      • Categorized Spend
        See charges across connected bank or card accounts in one place.
    • Pro

      Share recurring bill costs, passwords, and automated transfers with others.
      • Starter Stuff
      • Recurring Bill Splits
        Get paid back automatically any time you get charged for a subscription or bill.
      • Password Sharing
        Share and manage passwords and/or details with others in one place.
      • Group Routines
        Send or request recurring transfers with a group of people.
      • Cash Flow Planning
        Get weekly or monthly updates on spending by category or for upcoming bills.

    Join WellPaid

    Spend a couple minutes to save hours, money, and frustration.

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